Brass Electrical Wiring Accessories

Description - Description - Brass Electrical Wiring Accessories
Manufacturer and Exporter Of a wide range of brass electrical wiring accessories, which includes Rod to Cable Lug Clamp, Rod to Tape Clamp, U Bolt - Rod Clamp, U Bolt - Rod to Cable Clamp and many more. Our earthing accessories are properly designed & installed to safeguard both lives & the equipment. Corrosion resistance, conductivity and mechanical strength are essential considerations in manufacturing our earthling accessories.
The Brass Electrical Wiring Accessories has products like: Split Bolt, D Clamp, Earth Tag, Lock Nut, Reducer, etc...and are made from BS 2874 brass and various kinds of plating are used like natural brass, nickel plating, etc.. to give the product a good and look and strength. These Products are available in various sizes as per the requirement.